In collaboration with our partner we worked on a innovative and international automated video case for Royal Dutch Airline – KLM. In this case we’d like to share the details with you.

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  • Nicky Ribbers

    Nicky Ribbers

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    KLM has long been at the forefront of digital innovation in the aviation industry, especially when it comes to social media. The travel customer journey is long and consists of a lengthy awareness and consideration phase. Video already plays a key role in this process, yet scaling video advertising on social media has been a challenge as there are multiple markets and hundreds of destinations in the mix.

    Personalization and automation are key components to scaling video advertising in a way that resonates with KLM’s audiences. Manually creating hundreds of personalized video ads for different audiences wasn’t feasible.

    At this point we started to create a solution that could turn their still assets into video ads in a automated matter. Together with we A/B tested several ad sets with still images against other ad sets, with a combination of static and video. We saw a significant improvement in the performance in their sales campaigns when we combined video and static creatives in a single ad setup. Video ads clearly drove the ROI for the airline. But now we had to find a way to automate asset creation to match the large and international destination dialog.

    The solution we created with allowed us to take proven concept and scale it across four different test markets worldwide. The automated video templates pulled creative components from a feed that consisted of destination information and images. The campaign advertised the ten most booked destinations in each market. These compact social videos were lightly animated to give a sneak peak of each destination. And were introduced in and adapted for upper-funnel prospecting.

    With adding the video templates to the creative mix. We saw a huge increase in the amount of clicks and also a increase in website traffic. With all these insights KLM aims to scale this tactic to other parts of the funnel, too.


The value of adding video to our social media advertising was already clear to us, but we were not able to personalize and scale videos for our performance-driven social campaigns.’s Video Templates make it possible to easily create inspiring dynamic videos for each KLM destination we fly from.

Martine van der LeeDirector of Social Media, KLM

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