A frequently asked questions of our customers: how do we get insight into the channel
crossing customer journey. In other words, how can we best distribute the marketing
budget? We investigated this for a famous healthcare insurer.

We performed an attribution analysis, that provided insight into the impact of a specific marketing channel.

These people worked on this case

  • Matthias Vinke

    Matthias Vinke

  • Leola de Vries

    Leola de Vries

  • Koen Weegink

    Koen Weegink

Our approach

  • Conversion attribution

    These Petrels were involved with this case.

    Our approach This attribution analysis is based on data from Doubleclick. Before the start of campaign x all paid channels are integrated in Doubleclick. Therefore, they are all assessed from the same perspective. First, we looked at the attribution ratio; is it useful to apply attribution? The answer was yes, more than half of the conversions were established via different digital channels.

    Subsequently an assisted conversion analysis was performed. This analysis provides insight into what is happening with the total conversions, turnover & CPA if you do not use a certain channel in the digital marketing mix (based on last click & assisted conversions).

    Finally all conversion paths were made clear with the use of a multichannel network graphic and the removal effect was applied here. Or what if we remove one channel including all different flows/touchpoints and not just the assist or last click. Then we can clearly see what the actual contribution is of a channel.


    - The use of Display reduces the CPA with more than 10%

    - Comparers increase the CPA, but do have a large share in the total conversions.

    - Paid search has impact on more than 55% of the conversions.

    - The use of Display/social influences more than 25% of the turnover, whereby a large part (70%) lies in assisted conversions.

    - Comparers & affiliate are almost independent channels. - By eventually applying the removal effect we see, for example, that the share of display triples looking at the number of conversions. We would miss these in the customer journey if we omit the channel including all touchpoint. Based on the result the strategy is reconceived, campaigns are made more effective, the marketing budget is distributed more efficiently and the correct KPIs can be assigned to the channels.

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