• 30More impressions compared to other months
  • 56More conversions compared to other months

Videoland was about to launch the second season of Nieuwe Buren, a Dutch drama series from RTL. So, Storm Digital was asked to digitally promote this new exclusive series with the Dutch audience and to provide new registrations within the promo period.

These people worked on this case

  • Nadine Sjerps

    Nadine Sjerps

  • Bregita Postema

    Bregita Postema

  • Ger Veldkamp

    Ger Veldkamp

  • Vi Nguyen

    Vi Nguyen

  • Leola de Vries

    Leola de Vries


  • Cross Channel Strategy

    We started with determining the correct KPIs; awareness and conversion (promo registrations), subsequently we have elaborated the entire digital strategy. By completing the entire customer journey and creating online material inhouse, we have optimally matched the channels to each other.

    We used See-Think- Do from Social on Facebook and Instagram. Prior to going live, we used teaser videos (see stage) to build up the audiences to whom we subsequently showed a sequel (Canvas) at the Think stage. Apart from Canvas we also used linkads whereby we tested with a cinemagraph v/s a static linkad. Through Display we have used rich media to create reach. Hereby we have used a Homepage takeover on Nu.nl on Friday. It was remarkable that when we compared the figures with an earlier HPTO on Saturday, that the reach on Saturday was lower. However, during the weekend we see a movement from desktop to mobile users.

    To tell a consistent story, we shared the same expressions on the affiliates that were also used on Display. We used affiliates to capture the group that was not captured in the customer journey by the expressions from the other channels. This resulted in substantial additional conversions.

    At the Think stage, we have focused on interest, specific domains and audiences. For example, we also used Search Audiences via DoubleClick. All visitors who did not convert from all channels were included in the social, display and SEA retargeting strategy.

    From SEA we have captured all visitors who were searching on Nieuwe Buren or Nieuwe Buren 2. Prior to the campaign these advertisements were already live to capture this relevant target group. This way we could later retarget them on Display for example. But also during the campaign period we were able to bring back visitors to have them convert through Search.

    From the interface we have also used GSP campaign, whereby we advertised within Gmail for this new series. We target these on a Similar Audience of a Custom Match target group of Videoland.


“I am proud of the performances that we have achieved jointly within the cooperation with Storm Digital, never stop improving!”

Danny ScheursOnline Marketingmanager RTL

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