Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing: an excellent performance channel!

Affiliate marketing is a type of digital marketing whereby advertisers reward their partners (affiliates)for generating sales or leads (like memberships – subscriptions) that are provided by the affiliate. The use of affiliate marketing gives access to a large pool of potential partners with a common target: generating online transactions. Because these partners are rewarded per generated transaction, affiliate marketing is a performance channel in the purest sense of the word.

Our vision: cooperation leads to result

By adopting a proactive attitude in the cooperation with the advertisers and publishers we continuously work on the performance of the affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is characterised by this intensive cooperation between the advertiser and the different partners. Hereby the advertiser facilitates his partners as well as possible in realising sales and leads. By responding to the specific characteristics of each partner, a unique synergy is created. This synergy leads to a larger digital exposure and better online results. In the growing synergy between channels, cooperation with other channels can also be sought. Channels like email or display marketing work well together to increase the performance of the affiliate program.


At the start-up stage of the campaign we assist with the setup of the right preconditions of a good affiliate program. During the program, our consultants make adjustments where necessary, we intensively communicate with all involved partners, publishers and we proactively look for growth opportunities.

Storm Digital has a proven track record when it concerns achieving results with affiliate marketing. In recent years we have been involved with the construction and development of partner programs such as A-mac, Burgers Zoo, BLG, Energie Direct, Centraal Beheer Achmea, Univé, Wereld Natuur fonds and Nationale Nederlanden. So, it is no surprise that we were immediately awarded at the first and second edition of the Affiliate Awards.


Storm Digital is also the owner of the prestigious For many years an understanding in the affiliate world. Thought this forum we bring all involved parties together via active communication.

Affiliate Marketing stands for:
– Affiliate marketing at a high level
– Focus on growth opportunities
– Wide experience in many partner programs
– Award-winning approach
– Proactive attitude

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