Content Marketing

Tell your story and persuade your target group.

Content Marketing is a common term and much requested service at this moment. To reach, maintain and commit your target group to you with qualitative and relevant content, that is the perfect story. Content Marketing is not just about text and images on your website, an interesting blog article or a good Facebook posting. It is a combination of many channels and tools in order to reach your target group at the right time, through the right channel and in the right way. For example, SEO, Advertising, E-mail and PR. Content Marketing is like corn flower, it binds all digital marketing. It ensures that all facets of your digital strategy are combined with each other.

Our vision: From brand story to audience

Content Marketing starts with stipulating a proposition, selecting the desired tone or voice, determining the brand value and telling your story. What do you want to tell and to whom? How would you like to express your brand story? We gladly assist you with this. How can you provide content to your target group(s)? And how do you ensure that this is relevant? Together with you we define where the target group moves, what it is doing and when you might be relevant. It is all about creating content that is relevant, interesting, supportive and binding. We provide advice at strategic level and we assist with the implementation, creation, reaching of the target group and measuring of the success.

The Content Marketing Roadmap

We can assist you in many ways. Given the wide character of Content Marketing we often start from a roadmap, but we can also assist with the separate parts of Content Marketing. What is included in a roadmap?

– Content Marketing Workshop
During an interactive workshop with theory and assignments, target groups are formulated, themes are developed, designs are created and channels are selected. Together with diverse participants, from all levels of the organisation, we start to think creatively about the content items and expressions.

– Content Marketing Strategy
Based on the workshop the content marketing experts of Storm Digital elaborate a complete strategy, whereby we define the target groups, channels, tools, content designs, themes and KPIs. In other words, a well-thought and summarised overview of the workshop, but also the first steps of the roadmap that we required to continue our trip.

– Content Marketing Calendar
After the strategy we want to make a start. With the use of a Content Calendar everything becomes
clear, tangible and concrete. We develop this calendar based on themes or the customer journey, but we also make an inventory with you of the already present content and what must be optimised.

– Content Creation & Management
Now that the Strategy and Calendar are complete we can make a start. We give you monthly assistance with the implementation of the strategy, the determination of new content and the ongoing.

– Creation of content.
Together with you as a customer, various consultants and specialists of Storm Digital work on the business targets and make adjustments based on analysis, data scans and big data. Proactively responding and reacting to events and developments, that is our specialism. We have an eye for the entire customer journey and we are able to reach your visitor at all stages through all digital channels.

Content & Growth Marketing

Content is part of the ‘Engage” stage of our Growth Marketing model. In this stage content comes first in the broadest sense of the word. This stage is all about the experience towards your customer and the message that you want to tell, therefore the close cooperation with CRO and SEO. In addition,the Data and Creation teams support our Content Marketing Team to create the most inspiring and qualitative content and to also analyse with this what the results were and where the opportunities are.

Content marketing stands for:

Providing content for the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Using content in a smart and efficient way to eliminate silo focused thinking. An integrated approach of all channels and tools within the digital strategy to make the best possible cooperation possible. Analysing, optimising, testing, measuring and adjusting.

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