Conversion attribution

Get better insight into the actual contribution of you marketing channels and get to know your customer better.

Would you like to know how you can use your digital marketing channels more effectively? Get more insight into the added value per marketing channel through Conversion Attribution. Storm Digital gladly assist you with the setup of the right measurements and tools. We provide you and your team with the tools to convert insights into a better result.

Vision on Conversion Attribution

Conversions are mainly assigned to the latest campaign on which a visitor has clicked (last click), before the conversion actually takes place. While the interest was probably aroused at a previous stage. By correctly assigning the conversions you can optimise the digital media mix of your company.

Our approach

Before you make a start with optimisations or even create own attribution models, it is important that we make it clear what the current attribution is per channel. A conversion attribution analysis provides insight into the (online) customer journey of the customer. Here our consultants look at absolute attribution, relative attribution and the typical position of channels in the purchase process. With these insights the channels are optimised based on their attribution characteristics.

Conversion Attribution & Growth Marketing

With our Growth Marketing model we ensure that the data is translated into insights. The step of analyses to applicable optimisation often appears difficult in conversion attribution. Therefore, we assist you with insights that can be taken directly into your marketing management. For example, new remuneration models, from affiliate marketing to a new control mechanism for display campaigns.

Conversion Attribution at Storm Digital stands for:
– team with a wide expertise within conversion attribution
– better insight into the actual contribution of your digital marketing channels.
– experience in the customisation of attributions models.
– non-duplication and saving on your conversion costs.

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