Conversieratio Optimalisatie

Conversieratio Optimalisation

Persuade your customer by getting to know him better.

A digital marketing campaign can bring a lot of traffic to your website but without a good converting website you are actually wasting money. Conversion optimisation or conversion ration optimisation (CRO), focuses on the increase of your online return by solving conversion problems on your (mobile) website or app. This entitles that the traffic on your website actually turns into a conversion. Regardless if this concerns a purchase, a newsletter registration or a donation, from our approach we can optimise on almost any KPI.

Vision on conversation optimalisation

“We are going to adjust our layout to the layout of our competitor, so this is bound to work” – Sorry, no! Each website, visitor and organisation is different. Before you implement time consuming and expensive adjustments on your website, it is important to be familiar with the effect of the adjustment and to know why you implement the adjustment. Based on extensive quantitative and qualitative analyses we formulate hypotheses for your organisation and targets. By testing the hypotheses, we can make an efficient start on improving your return. So, we guarantee a continuous optimisation process that leads to valuable improvements.

Our approach

Online (and offline) marketing activities are integrally linked and conversion is definitely a part of this. Data is always the principle for a hypothesis – and therefore also for the tests that we perform. So, to detect bottlenecks, we always start with an analysis of the available data. In addition, one of our experienced CRO consultants will actively search for bottlenecks on your website based on experiences and theories and/or conversions of recognised experts in the field of usability, user experience and persuasion techniques

For qualitative insights, we involve your target group through various user surveys. For example, we regularly conduct card sorting/think-aloud surveys, or hold panel interviews so your target group provides specific feedback about why they do not convert. Depending on the situation we search for the best survey method.

The next step is to reduce friction and to increase motivation. Storm Digital will support you with this! Depending on the maturity of your organisation we jointly determine a strategy and tactics to make conversion optimisation an indispensable part of your marketing activities. Of course, we also support you with the elaboration of mock-ups and the construction of personalised A/B tests.

Conversion optimalisation & Growth Markeing

Result-oriented thinking and looking beyond one marketing channel: this is deeply rooted in the culture of our organisation. Conversion optimisation is part of the columns ‘Analyse’ and ‘Engage’ within our Growth Marketing mode. Get to know your visitor better and subsequently respond to this by communicating the right message at the right place.

CRO at Storm Digital stands for:

  • Subject group with specialised knowledge of various CRO disciplines: usability, UX, data analysing, web development, encoding, persuasion and personalisation.
  • In-depth and qualitative analyses and expert reviews
  • Integration across all digital channels
  • Independence in the selection of testing tools
  • Partnership with Optimizely
  • Data analysis, survey and creation all under one roof

Would you also like to make a start on conversion optimisation? Please contact one of our CRO consultants to find out what we can do for you.

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