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Cross Channel Strategy

A cast-iron foundations is the basis for optimal digital marketing.

An understatement of course, but we just like to mention it: digital marketing is changing very rapidly. Channels come and go, developments succeed each other very rapidly and before you know it you have lost the lead that you were so proud of. A good cross channel strategy provides the foundation to keep up with these developments.

Vision on Strategy

Our strategists are aware of the latest trends and developments and can perfectly translate this into a concrete advice. You can think of:

– Google has again been renewed. What does this mean and how must we deal with this/
– We have social media channels, but now our colleagues are saying that we must do something with
Instagram and Snapchat. Is this right? And how can we do this?
– Video is very popular. But what can we do with it? And where do we start?
– Content Marketing is hot. And we hear more and more about Influencer Marketing. What are these
terms? Can Storm explain this to me?
Do you require advice, would you like to have a discussion with a Strategist or would you like to be
periodically kept up to date? We have the expertise available and we like to assist.

Our vision

To ensure that both structural work activities as one-off campaigns run smoothly, it is necessary that
the basis is in order. This means something different for each company. But KPIs are always
important. What are your targets, both as a company, as for your digital marketing? Storm will assist
you with finding and defining the right KPIs, so work activities can always be evaluated, adjusted and
analysed correctly. In addition, a lot is going on internally, so you receive many questions about the
use of digital marketing. The experts of Storm are an interlocutor with this because of their knowledge
and experience.

Customer Journeys

A common saying these days: the customer journey. Many organisations consider the best Customer Journey, connect departments and teams with each other, and try to have the digital marketing channels communicate with each other in a smart way. Everything to serve the customer and to have a more effective marketing. But… where do you start? Storm Digital has much experience with the assistance of Customer Journey processes in various industries. Starting with a workshop, elaborating the entire customer journey and creating a framework to continue the journey. Customised processes or a standard workshop, we like to arrange this for you.

Digital Marketing Strategy stands for:
– Connection between various digital marketing channels
– Experiences strategists who provide you with input regarding your main targets
– A strong and unique vison on every digital development
– Service provision that is never standard, but always matches your situation
– From local to international; experience with various brands and countries
– Requested and unrequested advice!

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