Cross Device Tracking

The right message to the right target group at the right moment.... but on which device?

It is very well possible that a visitor uses a mobile phone in the morning, a laptop at work during the day and uses a tablet in the evening in front of the television. Although this is the online behaviour of one person, most analysts see three different users. Want to find out if the person using smartphone A is the same person using tablet B or laptop C…? We do this with Cross Device Tracking.

Vision on Cross Device Tracking

The increasing number of devices that is connected online is growing. Insight into the behaviour of your website visitor across various devices therefore proves to be an ever-increasing challenge for many marketers. With Cross Device Tracking, Storm Digital assists you with gaining insight into the behaviour of consumers on various devices and how you can match your marketing to this as effectively as possible.

Our approach

Storm Digital has specialists in the field of (mobile) technology and data specialists who are able to combine behaviour across various channels. Hereby we use measurements based on User ID and pattern recognition.

Cross Device Tracking & Growth Marketing

Cross Device Tracking helps you to find the added value of various devices. It is part of the “Analysis” column if we look at our Growth Marketing model. At this stage the personalisation of your message to the right target group comes first. Based on obtained insights we can provide concrete advice about how you can use your online marketing channels more effectively.

Cross Device Tracking at Storm Digital stands for:
– implementation of both mobile, web as offline tracking.
– experience with various tools such as Google Analytics 360, Facebook Atlas and Adobe Analytics.
– insights on which the use of media can be optimised.

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