Display Advertising

Programmatic buying and dynamic creatives for effective display advertising!

Where display advertising was static for a long time and was mainly used for branding purposes (to increase name awareness), we are currently more and more able to reach the right person at the right moment with the right message. This makes display advertising both effective for brand marketing as an excellent performance channel.

Our approach

Display advertising gives advertisers the opportunity to bring an advertising message to the attention of a wide or indeed very specific target group. Hereby a broad distinction can be made between two types of campaigns: campaigns with a branding purpose and conversion-oriented campaigns. Display advertising is ideally the channel for creating awareness, for example for promoting a new product or for supporting a cross-media campaign. This can also concern ongoing campaigns to generate structural presence. With the right content and the right targeting at the top layers of the funnel we manage to address the target group. By using open RTB, private market places as well as managed buys we are able to purchase advertisement space on the wide range of open and premium domains. Thereby the extensive possibilities of programmatic buying and the automated purchase of online advertisement space via real-time bidding (RTB) ensure for specific and effective targeting. So, we are always assured of reaching the right target group!

Display advertising can also be used for the bottom layers of the marketing funnel. With strategically set retargeting campaigns a higher return from current visitors is achieved. Hereby we do not just look at direct conversions but also at metrics like Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Plus, dynamic retargeting can provide even more personalisation. By using data about the search behaviour of current visitors, a more personal message can be displayed in expressions, so that these visitors are redirected to the website to complete previous actions.

Display Advertising & Growth Marketing

Display Advertising is part of the ‘Campaigns’ column of our Growth Marketing mode. Hereby we focus on everything from reach to performance, therefore we cooperate for example with SEA and Social marketing. Plus, there is much correlation with data and content to offer the right content with the right insights.

Display Advertising at Storm Digital stands for:
– Programmatic Buying
– Conversion-oriented & Branding
– Dynamically generated
– Open Exchanges – premium sites
– Native Advertising

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