DMP Implementations

Get a better insight into the actual contributions of your marketing channels.

Would you like to create a link between advanced visitors’ segments and marketing campaigns? Personalise e-mails based on visitors’ behaviour on the website? Or provide your customer service with information about customer behaviour on the website or in your app? A data management platform (DMP) might be the solution for you.

Vision on DMP implementations

DMPs arrange the collection and processing of customer and visitor information and make this accessible for marketing and personalisation purposes. DMPs are mainly interesting for companies that are looking for a central environment for all their customer data, the so-called 360° customer or visitor profile, and that want to anticipate on this by unlocking this data to DSPs, e-mail platforms and personalisation tools, for example. The added value of a DMP become visible with the conversion of data into action. We do this by compiling audiences and segments within the present customer profiles, where marketing and service actions can be performed.

Our approach

Storm Digital has the technological expertise available and can assist your company with the implementation of various DMPs. The basis for this is a tag management system that unlocks all data on your websites and apps and therefore can also provide uniform data towards your DMP. To make the profile information in the DMP complete, we make connections with other platforms and synchronise these to unique profiles as much as possible. This way customer X in marketing expressions is seen as 1 user on your websites and in your apps.

DMP implementations & Growth Marketing

When we look at our Growth Marketing model, the implementation of a DMP is a valuable stage. Making the right connections is essential! Hereby we also consider the future applications such as web analytics and campaign measurements. But to an increasing extent also CRO and in personalisation for content & marketing with a Data Management Platform for example.

DMP implementations at Storm Digital stands for:
– omni-channel programmatic marketing
– connection between data from various data sources and digital marketing channels
– extensive track record of DMP implementations
– effective audiences for marketing and personalisation purposes
– experience with numerous data links
– implementing a DMP agile in a pressure-cooker month

Would you like to know what we can do for your company? Please contact one of our DMP consultants and find out how we can assist you.

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