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Interaction and visual design may not be lacking from your digital marketing strategy. The success of campaigns mainly depends on the effectivity of the used concepts and visuals. Banners must invite to click and lead to conversions. This also applies for websites, landing pages and social expressions. Therefore, we have an own Creation department at Storm Digital. A team consisting of experienced designers and developers, who create attractive and well-performing visuals and concepts every day.The main advantage compared to a traditional creative agency is that our Creation team closely cooperates with our other services like Display, CRO, Social and Data. This way they can create for example dynamic banners based on real-time website data. Then we test and optimise these banners in combination with CRO and Display. So, we go much further than just the graphic layout.

What can we do for you

We develop for example dynamic HTML5 banners, Rich Media expressions, online videos, websites, e-mail
templates and landing pages. For various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram we design, among other things, linkads, canvas posts and carousel ads. Innovation is paramount to us. We are the leaders in the development of dynamic campaigns and banner templates, the testing of the latest display and social expressions and the application of the latest design trends and front-end techniques with websites and landing pages.

Our approach

The starting point of a good campaign begins with a brilliant idea. Regardless if we invent this for you or if you provide us with input, we will ensure that this idea is further translated into a successful campaign (expression). After we have aligned the hours and planning with you we start with a debriefing and/or initial concept. Hereby we also directly consider the possible testing/optimisations. After each completed part product, we arrange a feedback moment. Only when you are also satisfied with the concept we will build this into a product. Whereby we eventually use the expression on the right channels.

Creation within Growth Marketing

Creation is part of the ‘Engage’ column of our Growth Marketing model. Content, strategy and conception are central in this. The experience of the customer always comes first. We ensure that the message is correctly presented to your target group!

Creation stands for:
– Interaction and Visual Design at the highest level
– Many years of experience for large brands
– Experienced designers & developers who love innovation
– Specific knowledge about creatives within each channel
– Concepting & strategy
– Smart translation from offline to online expressions.

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