Privacy & Cookiemanagement

The customer comes first and this starts with a good privacy and cookie management environment.

Website owners who want to measure customer behaviour must comply with the laws in this respect. Plus, one cannot just start with taking measurements. Cookies can only be placed after the conditions have been met to which the visitor has agreed. With the right preparation, organisations can still collect much useful information and conduct effective digital marketing. However, you must always consider the legislation and the wishes of your visitors with this.

Vision on Privacy and Cookie management

Online data privacy is becoming increasingly important in this digital age. Measurement scripts and cookies can no longer be placed by default. You must consider the approval of the visitor, the nature of the measurement and the activity on the website. If a visitor does not give approval for a retargeting cookie, this must not be placed. When the visitor does approve, it can be placed. In other words, management is necessary wherein it is determined under which conditions measurements and cookies can be activated.

Our approach

Before measurements and cookies can be activated the visitor of your website must be informed sufficiently about the nature of the measurements, the storage period and to which extent this infor- mation is shared with third parties such as analytics systems and advertisement networks. In practice, this means setting up an information module, such as cookie bars or pop-ups. Storm Digital can arrange for a notification in line with the style of your website. Plus, we can test which type provides the highest engagement in combination with the cookie quality.

Privacy and Cookie management & Growth Marketing

We are living in a digital world, whereby it is essential to get to know your customer. You require data for this. Therefore, Privacy and Cookie management emerges in the “Collect” stage of our Growth Marketing model. Storm Digital provides a privacy and cookie management environment where measurements are established in a controlled way. Subsequently it is possible to collect and organise relevant data.

Privacy and Cookie management at Storm Digital stands for:
– practical measurement plans
– waterproof cookie management module
– automated auditing system that validates compliance per visitor
– design and implementation of cookie modules
– GDPR proof approach

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