Reporting and dashboarding

At a glance insight into all your digital performances.

Insight into campaign performances or website behaviour without logging on to dozens of systems? A dashboard or report offer the solution. Visualisation of your data gives you an overview of all your digital performances at once. You no longer have to create exports yourself, personally aggregate data or use your calculator. Every day, everything is immediately ready for you when you open the dashboard or report. We make sure of this!

Vision on reporting and Dashboarding

Make your job easier, use your time more efficient; automate the lot! Storm Digital gladly takes over this job by building a dashboard or report for your data. A customised dashboard complies with all your requirements and provides insight into search, display and social campaigns and web analytics for example.

Our approach

Our dashboards are automated through scheduled API calls, which automatically collect all the data that is necessary for the dashboard. These calls can be scheduled daily, weekly or monthly. Therefore, the dashboards are always up to date and you no longer depend on manual actions by third parties. Storm Digital uses various reporting tools, of which examples are available. For instance, Google Spreadsheets, Klipfolio and Google Data Studio.

Reporting; Dashboarding & Growth Marketing

Reporting is part of the ‘Collect’ column of our Growth Marketing model. At the stage collection and organising data comes first. Reporting at this stage is covered by organising data and can serve as a nice starting point for the next stages of our Growth Marketing model. Clear visualisation of your digital data helps you to decide on your analysis and campaign strategies.

Reporting & Dashboarding at Storm Digital stands for:
– efficient * result-oriented
– visualisation of data
– digital results in one dashboard
– analysis possibilities on your digital performances
– insights into targets/budgets versus actuals
– support and maintenance for guaranteed continuity.

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