Using smart techniques for a maximum response to direct search queries.

Search engine advertising (SEA) is linking relevant advertisements to searches. Together we ensure that the searcher receives an answer to his search query through relevance. By making optimum use of the current techniques like Remarketing (RLSA) and Google Shopping we assure for the best result for the searcher. We always take this as the starting point.

Vision on SEA

SEA is also called the ‘backbone of digital marketing’. SEA ensures that you can lead relevant traffic
to your platform. All efforts you make, from ATL campaigns to informal introductions, often end (or start) on the website. With SEA you make sure that all these efforts also end up correctly on your platform. The combination with SEO is crucial for this.

Our approach

Storm Digital is your partner from strategy to implementation. Our starting point is to do things as smart as possible. We are convinced that with the current techniques we are able to perform our work activities smarter and quicker. Therefore, we limit repetitive things to a minimum through automation. We often determine the starting point through a review of the current SEA (Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) account. From this we determine where we can achieve profit and we define a roadmap for the first period. Quick wins and rapid result are leading with this. From there we continue to roll out our vision. Automation and smarter work are the guideline with this. All actions that are taken contribute to the targets that are set, mainly conversions, CPA, ROAS or ROI.

SEA & Growth Marketing

SEA is part of the ‘Campaigns’ column of our Growth Marketing model. At this stage we focus on everything from reach to performance, therefore we cooperate a lot with Display and Social marketing for example. Plus, there is much correlation with data and content to offer the right content with the right insights.

SEA at Storm Digital stands for:
– Strategic, tactical and operational completion of the channel
– Wide international experience and cooperation with local agencies
– Innovation and market development to always be ahead of the competition in cooperation with our
– Google Certified Premium Partner
– Bing Select Partner
– Perfect balance between automating, knowledge sharing and performance

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