Providing the target group with the correct content at each stage of the customer journey and therefore providing for the search queries!

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is understanding your target group and ensuring that the website matches the search query of the target group. When the customer journey is defined from a search we ensure, together with the customer, that the website meets the requirements of the target group in terms of the content. With SEO the (potential) customer comes first and from the search behaviour it is debated if the website indeed fully matches the requirements. It is also important for the search engines that the website is technically correct when it is indexed.

Vision on SEO

SEO is actually the starting point of your digital strategy, as the website and its visitors come first. SEO can be applied at any stage of the customer journey by providing content that meets the requirement. When the website is set up correctly from a SEO point of view this offers a good starting point for SEA.

Our approach

Storm Digital is your strategic partner as we determine the strategy together, we define the roadmap and we assist with these work activities. We are convinced that you know your target group well and that you speak the same language. It starts with the question regarding SEO. Often we start with a review of the website so the starting point is clear and no unexpected matters emerge. This review includes all factors that influence the final position in search engines. In addition, we prioritise the results based on impact, potential and implementation. Together we will optimise these parts. During this process we monitor based on key words and the overall organisational visibility. We will provide you with a suitable SEO advice for the best result.

SEO within Growth Marketing

SEO is part of the ‘Engage’ column of our Growth Marketing model. From SEO we thereby focus on the experience towards the customer and the message, therefore there is also cooperation with CRO in this area. Plus, the data supports SEO to analyse how the progress is going and where the opportunities are.

SEO at Storm Digital stands for:
– team with a wide expertise within SEO
– experience in various sectors
– official partner Searchmetrics
– always up to date about the latest developments
– wide vision digital marketing

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