From wide reach to specific targeting: social marketing as online allrounder.

On average, we spend 30% of our online time on social media. And – fair is fair – we all watch a small video of a skateboarding cat or hyperactive goats now and again. But luckily there is more. Every day we like selfies of our friends and family on Facebook, we are inspired by Instagram, via #fwaw on Twitter we read during the broadcast of Farmer Wants a Wife and we follow our business connections on LinkedIn. Every day many millions join us worldwide. And at the same time that is where the big opportunity lies; there is an enormous potential reach within social media. So be assured, your target group is also present. With specific content for every social media platform you can reach these people on a daily basis. So, it is no surprise that more and more brands choose social media in their (branding) campaigns.

Vision on Social Media Marketing

It does not end with branding campaigns. On the contrary, as social media is also a strong conversion channel. All data that users specify in their profile and all interactions that users have with the various content, can be used to reach your specific and most relevant target group. Combine this with the continuously expanding Facebook Pixel, with which we can measure website behaviour and – here you are
hyper relevant targeting! The result is a better performance. Through product feeds we can also dynamically deliver advertisements, whereby no manual work is required for every advertisement. So indeed, very valuable, this dynamic (re)targeting. And no wonder that social advertising plays an important role in lower-funnel campaigns.

Social Media Marketing & Growth Marketing

Social is part of the ‘Campaign’ column of Storm Digital’s Growth Marketing model. A healthy mix between a solid performance and related content; that is what we control. Without good content, we never achieve the best results, so both must go hand-in- hand Our consultants control both and assist brands with the unrolling of a good content strategy, a strategic funnel rollout and associated campaigns. As we are one of the biggest advertisers in the Netherlands we have close contact with Facebook and many bêta applications.

Social Media Marketing at Storm Digital stands for:
– Subject group with wide expertise in the field of (paid) social media
– Focus on return
– Official partner
– Good relationship with various social platforms
– Being part of beta applications

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