Tag Management

For when you really want to take steps and collect accurate data.

Getting to know the target group better starts with a correct implementation of digital marketing tags and web analytics tracking on your website. With a Tag Management System this is possible without the intervention of web constructors and you also have a central documentation of all your tracking codes. Another main advantage of Tag Management: you are no longer dealing with website releases or development. Therefore, we are able to develop and respond to trends quicker. And that without any profound programming skills!

Vision on Tag Management

With a Tag Management System everything is under one roof. These programs offer the possibility to place one tag on your website, to replace all other tags that you are currently using for things like conversions pixels, web analysis, A/B testing, etc. This one tag collects all available data of your website or app and distributes this across the activated tools. We gladly assist you with this as an experienced implementation partner and experts in the field of Tag Management!

Our approach

Storm Digital provides the implementation of various Tag Management Systems. We can find out exactly which tools match your organisation best. Of course, based on your wishes and organisational targets. Our certified data consultants use the following systems for example: Google Tag Manager, Relay42, Qubit Open Tag, Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager and Tealium. Tag Manager & Growth Marketing Tag Management helps you to gather and organise the relevant data. In other words, the collection of data. Hereby the future applications such as web analytics and campaign measurements are considered. But to an increasing extent also CRO and in personalisation for content & marketing with a Data Management Platform for example.

Tag Management at Storm Digital stands for:
– experience with data links between media platforms, CRM and internal BI infrastructure.
– support desk for optimal continuity.
– partnerships & accreditation for all large tag and data management systems.

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