Video Advertising

Give your campaign more impact by using online video.

Online video is really emerging: the video consumption is increasing, it is becoming more and more easier and cheaper to produce video content and social platforms like YouTube and Facebook host a wealth of video material. It is important not to access video per channel but the central approach indeed pays off!

Vision on Video Advertising

As video is suitable for many channels, it is tempting to use online video per channel. However, it is important not to place a video on every channel in the same way without thinking about this first, but to make it suitable for every channel. So, a central approach whereby we specifically finetune at channel level to achieve the best performance on every channel.

Our Approach

Because Storm Digital has a wide experience with online video on various channels we know perfectly which
content matches with channel. So, we can purchase video with Display Advertising via GDN or DoubleClick or we promote a video via Facebook advertising to specific audiences. We do not have any secret deals or kickbacks but a clear and transparent purchase of media. This ensures that your media budget is spent correctly and ends up where it belongs; with an optimum performance of your campaigns!

Video Advertising & Grwoth Marketing

Storm Digital has the experience and expertise to place video across various channels. This way we can generate more impact, share audiences across the channels and therefore use the media budget in a more effective way and improve the results. Video advertising is a good example whereby technique, data, campaign and creation come together – and that is exactly what the Growth Marketing Model of Storm Digital stands for.

Video Advertising at Storm Digital stands for:
– Central approach, across the channels
– Transparent media purchase
– Specific channel knowledge for the best performance
– Effective use of the media budget

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