Web Analytics

Get complete insight into your digital marketing efforts.

Want to get a better insight into the results of your website and digital marketing campaign? Web Analytics offers the solution. Know where you target group is and respond to the needs of your audience. We gladly support you with the implementation and configuration of various Web Analytics tools in order to match these with your marketing targets.

Vision on Web Analytics

You make the difference with Web Analytics. You do this by getting insight into your data and subsequently use this in the correct way. Based on your wishes and organisational targets we can exactly find out which Web Analytics tools best match your wishes. Examples of the tools that we use are: Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics, Piwik, Webtrends, Woopra and Webtrekk.

Our approach

Prior to an implementation we start with a measurement plan. This specifies all the measurements that go beyond the standard data such as visits and page displays. The parts of the website that determine the commercial success are defined. Subsequently the measures are matched to this. With targeted statistical analyses information is obtained that offers unique insights for example into purchase intention, optimal use of media and the correct match between customer and product.

Web Anlytics & Growth Marketing

With a thorough implementation Web Analytics offers insights with which you can significantly improve the result of your website and apps. Storm Digital has the technological expertise for high-quality implementations and the ability to convert data into action-based insights. Our Growth Marketing model ensures that the insights from Web Analytics is translated into concrete marketing actions and advice.

Web Analytics at Storm Digital stands for:
– obtaining insights into the performances of both your website as digital marketing campaigns.
– knowledge and experience on various Website Analytics tools
– support desk for optimal continuity

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